Social Media Recruiting Tips For Recruiters?


The use of social media in every facet of life is significantly growing. Many people spend a lot of time on social media catching up with friends. In recent times, social media has become a recruitment tool for recruiters. They now use social media to advertise job openings. And sometimes, they use it to conduct background checks on candidates. But, for a recruiter to make optimum use of social media, they must understand some strategies. In this article, we will talk about social media recruiting tips for recruiters. But before then, what is social media recruiting?

What is social media recruiting?

Social media recruiting means you connect with people searching for jobs on social media platforms. These people may not be actively looking for jobs, but they are open to new opportunities. Besides, recruiters also use social media platforms to do background checks on the qualification of a candidate.

8 Social media recruiting tips

Here are some social media recruiting tips every recruiter needs;

1. Define your goal.

The first social media recruiting tip is to define your goals. This means that you should take time to establish the desired result you want to get out of social media. Having well-defined goals will let you know how successful your social media recruiting strategy is. Are you seeking more passive candidates to contact? Or are you genuinely interested in building a good social media employer brand? Whatever your objectives are, come up with a list of them as a group. Write these goals down, and decide how you’ll measure success. The social media recruiting strategy you choose depends on your goals. So, choose the strategy that will benefit your team and bring you the desired results.

2. Pick a social media platform.

The next thing on the social media recruiting tips is to determine the social media site you want to use. Make sure you pick a platform that will help you in achieving your recruitment goals. The platforms you use will be determined by where most of your top candidates spend most of their time. While you might assume professional networking networks such as LinkedIn are the best option. But, some professionals might hang out on platforms like Instagram.

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3. Understand the social platform you picked

One of the social media recruiting tips is to understand the platform you choose. Ensure you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each platform. All the major social media sites provide unique recruitment experiences and opportunities. For instance, LinkedIn is a great professional networking tool. It’s ideal for finding and networking with professionals in the workplace. Facebook is a fantastic targeting tool that allows you to reach certain populations. Twitter is an excellent place for candidates to talk about viral subjects. Besides, it is a platform for potential candidates to get quick answers and support. Instagram and YouTube are seen as employer branding powerhouses. Thus, they can be used to exhibit culture videos and photographs to more audiences.

4. Organically share content.

The capacity to share and promote organic material is one of the social media recruiting tips. Use your social media networks to promote your business. Create new content on a regular basis to promote your firm, brand, and job openings. You can post this content across your social media channels. Your work is more likely to be organically shared as you get more traction and a larger audience. To speed up the process, encourage your colleagues to share content as well. You can bank on viral trends and make content around such trends. 

5. Use hashtags and viral trends

One of the social media recruiting tips is to jump on viral trends and use hashtags. Urge your recruiting team and social media experts to go out of their way to find interesting conversations and viral trends. Take part in those discussions and add value to the others. This will put your business in front of people’s minds. Besides, it also proves that you’re involved in your online community.

6. Make use of the appropriate social media recruiting tools.

Using the appropriate social media recruiting tools is also one of the social media recruiting tips. You need to know the right tool to use and understand how to use it. Here is a list of some social media recruiting tools every recruiter should know about.

  • LinkedIn Recruiter: You can use this tool to post job openings as well as track applicants. Besides, you can use LinkedIn’s advanced people search to find candidates that have the qualities you are looking for.
  • Facebook Ads: With Facebook Ads, you can hyper-target niche applicants. Use Facebook Marketplace to post job listings to specific geographic areas. 

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7. Use social media advertising to your advantage.

Sometimes, social media adverts help your recruiting strategy more than organic content. This is because it allows for multilayer targeting (i.e., area + hobbies + job role + age group). All these allow you to share content with the sort of people you want. You may also tweak your content to cater to a certain group of individuals this way. Social media adverts help you to reach both passive and active prospects. Paid advertising is quite costly, so ensure you know how it fits your strategy before going for it.

8. Measure your metrics.

Measuring and analyzing the analytics of your social media accounts will help you expand your reach. You’ll be able to reach as many prospective candidates as possible this way. Consider calculating the following:

  • Reach: How far the content you posted has gone.
  • Engagement: How people are reacting and engaging your content.
  • Influence: Who are the people engaging with your content?
  • Share of voice: How your company’s engagement compares to others.

All these will let you know whether your social media recruiting strategy is working or not.

Final Thoughts

Social media recruitment has endless possibilities. If you are looking to have a breakthrough in your career as a recruiter, you should use these social media recruiting tips. If you are not using social media as part of your hiring strategy, now is the moment to incorporate it.

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