Boost Your Career Prospects in Nigeria in 2022


Ways to Improve and Boost Your Career Prospects in Nigeria in 2022

The beginning of the year is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your professional life and make plans for the future. It’s time to rethink what you want out of your current position.

The Nigerian job market is growing rapidly. Several reports have indicated that Nigeria is among the fastest-growing labor markets in the world.

With an unemployment rate of about 9.2%, coupled with the rising cost of living in Nigeria, it is becoming increasingly difficult to survive as a graduate in the country. To top it off, there aren’t enough jobs available for everyone who has a university degree. If you are one of these people and are looking for ways to improve your chances and get employed, this article will help you discover some way to boost your career prospects and get hired in Nigeria.

Professional and personal benefits come with a successful job. Job satisfaction, work-life balance, self-actualization, and decent pay are all considered as success indicators by many. As we begin the New Year, now is an excellent opportunity to assess your current situation and establish strategies to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Here are some of our professional advice to boost your career prospects in Nigeria in 2022…

So, if you want to improve your employment prospects in 2022, follow these four suggestions:

Making a list of your objectives will boost your career prospects in Nigeria

Setting goals is a popular New Year’s resolution – and for good reason. Setting career goals aids in the development of a long-term career strategy. After you’ve set your goals, figure out how you’ll get there.

There are five strategies to develop career goals that will help you succeed:

  • Make a distinction between your personal and professional hobbies or skills.
  • Evaluate your ability objectively.
  • Be as specific as possible when defining your objectives (e.g. set SMART goals)
  • Set attainable objectives, even if it means starting small.
  • Seek out support from others to help you stay motivated and accountable.

Setting goals is a surefire method to advance your career. When you define specific career goals, you provide yourself with a roadmap to follow in order to reach your objectives. You set the path for yourself to take in order to achieve your objectives.

When deciding on your career goals, consider both short and long-term objectives. For example, you might want to obtain a certain qualification or upskill in order to prepare for a new dream job.

Everyone has different career ambitions. Medical research or Engineering, for example, could be your focus. In the end, this will have an impact on the types of employment you pursue.

Establishing a viable network will boost your career prospects in Nigeria

One of the finest ways to grow and develop your career is to network. It can connect you with people who can help you advance professionally and personally. You obtain ideas and new perspectives from networking that you wouldn’t have gotten from working alone. It also opens doors to opportunities for advice and mentorship, both of which can help you advance your career and boost your career prospects in Nigeria in 2022 and beyond.

If you let your network know you’re looking for a new job, you can get suggestions or connections for lucrative dream positions. Here are four pointers to help you get started:

Make connections with the people who can offer you the assistance you require. In this scenario, make contact with persons who work in the industry you want to work in either in Nigeria or in other countries, as they may be able to assist you in finding foreign career prospects.

Make an effort to establish and maintain productive professional ties. Maintain and build these connections to maximize the likelihood of your network assisting you when you need it.

Professional networking depends on mutually beneficial relationships, so be willing to return the favor.

Look for in-person and online networking opportunities.

An up to date résumé will boost your career prospects.

When was the last time your resumé was updated?

Some of us tend to put our resumes on the back burner until it’s time to hunt for a new job. If you want to advance your profession, though, you need to keep your resumé up to date.

You can quickly apply for jobs and answer to them if you have an updated CV. You can, for example, pass your CV to someone at a networking event or apply for a job right away.

Make your digital resumé searchable so recruiters may contact you or move the recruiting process along. Maintaining a current CV can be difficult, which is why we advocate establishing a digital CV that you can edit and update as your career and education progress. You can store your digital CV alongside your certified documents and share it with potential employers on demand by creating and updating a digital CV.

Upskilling: Enhance your current abilities.

Gaining new abilities is a proven method to boost your career prospects, whether you go back to school, take online courses, volunteer, or take on more projects at work. To begin, assess your present skill set and select the most marketable skills required for job success. Second, hone the soft and hard talents you’ll need to succeed in your current position or advance to more senior positions.

If you are looking for a job, the best way to get it is by improving your skills. There are many ways you can do this, but one option is attending short courses and training programs designed to help boost your career prospects and expertise in the areas you need it most.

Create a LinkedIn profile for yourself.

LinkedIn is a famous professional networking platform that, when used properly, may help you advance your career. Use the opportunity to portray oneself as an ideal candidate or a subject matter expert in this case.

Here are some of our greatest LinkedIn advice to boost your career prospects in Nigeria in 2022:

  • Create, maintain, and rewrite a strong LinkedIn profile on a regular basis.
  • Expand your professional contacts
  • Start and participate in thought leadership debates to build your own brand.
  • Establish dialogue with colleagues, network with peers, attend online events, and contact relevant recruiters.

The number of connections you have does not indicate how powerful your professional network is. Instead, when networking, the quality of your contacts should be the guiding light. In Saudi Arabia, for example, a cardiologist might network with other physicians, medical experts, decision-makers, and healthcare recruiters. Connect with a similar network within your chosen destination if a change of location is in the cards.

Recruiters use LinkedIn to look for possible candidates and are more likely to approach someone who has verified credentials on their profile. Link your certifications to your LinkedIn page once you’ve verified your papers to demonstrate your expertise and sincerity.

Remember to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your career milestones while upgrading your resumé. Your LinkedIn profile is a fantastic location to highlight achievements in the medical profession, such as a published research paper or an award.

The job market is changing all the time. A year can bring about a lot of changes. As a result, if you want to improve your employment prospects in 2022, you’ll need to stay up with industry developments.

Changing careers or looking for a new employment opportunity could be the key to your professional success. A new job, thankfully, can provide you with worldwide experience, open doors, and introduce you to new cultures and nations.

International possibilities can also provide an opportunity to improve cultural competence and learn more about people from various cultures.

The following are some of the topics to look into:

  • Salaries in the industry
  • Important talents that might help job seekers stand out in your chosen field.

With your degree, talents, and knowledge, you have a variety of job alternatives to consider (including opportunities for career changes within the same industry.)

International career opportunities with higher pay or the chance to broaden your business knowledge, training, experience, and skills.

It’s time to boost your career prospects in 2022.

Taking initiatives to advance your career should be done on a regular basis. Even if you don’t hunt for a new job every year, you should keep your CV up to date and network with relevant people on a regular basis. You should also examine your career objectives on a frequent basis to ensure that you stay on track.

If you take the required efforts to prepare, you can succeed in your profession in 2022. Setting career goals, networking, upgrading your digital CV, and upskilling are all ways to do this.

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